Dear Drummers,

This website is an extension of my new video eBook Drum Method, which, in turn, is partially based on my well-known German book 'Schlagzeugschule', Vol.I. It contains more than 480 playalong videos to help you hear, learn, and practice.
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play along videos with automatic scroll view

You can practice all the grooves with playalong videos without turning a page, because it works with an automatic scroll view. Based on your chosen tempo, the score will move right to the point you need to look at this very moment.

drumming like in a real band

The groove playalongs include characteristic loops to give you an idea of how to play in a real band. You can play eight or ten similar grooves one after the other, always eight times in a row, interrupted by one bar count-in. Find a sample video below this text.

a large number of solos

Numerous snare and drumset solo videos will train you to apply your skills and play grooves that are apt for recitals as well as for enjoying yourself. If you want to hear how something should sound, do it! If you want to find a tempo that you can play, you will find it. You can then increase the tempo by clicking 'Next Video'.

practice 'your' part or play the other in many duos

Moreover, you will find a number of snare and drumset duos to play with the playalong videos. You will find the duos in at least three different versions: firstly, with both parts audio, secondly, with Part 1, and finally with Part 2 (all versions in at least five different tempi). Therefore, feel free to listen and understand, to play along 'your' part (and optimize your timing at the same time), or to play your part while getting the other from the video.

other videos • small dictionary • virtual drumset

You will find some other videos here recorded with my young students, a small drummer's dictionary, as well as our virtual drumset (sorry, not available for the iPad; flash player required).

VOL. 1, part B is coming soon!

Let’s get drumming. Have fun! ••• Andreas Schwarz
3 free sample videos
A rock duo • play along with both parts audio • 80 bpm
Snare Solo (2) • play along video • 96 bpm
8 Rock Grooves • play along with automatic scroll view (with drums) • 104 bpm
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